Picture story on Telegraph Online and ‘picture of the day’ in Swiss newspaper.

Recently I’ve photographed the sheep herded from summer grazing grounds at Belalp, Switzerland. 15 of those pictures got published online on The Telegraph and one was printed as picture of the day in the Swiss commuter newspaper Blick am Abend.

DPS in national Swiss newspaper SonntagsZeitung.

Recently I’ve got an assignment from the national Swiss newspaper SonntagsZeitung. Seven of those pictures got published in last Sunday’s issue (17 August 2014) on a double page spread. I went for a two-day hike with the travel journalist of this newspaper to the Barrhorn mountain on 3610 meters altitude. It was quite tough with the weight of all the photo equipment, food and spare cloths in my backpack.

Eringer cow fight at Saas-Almagell.

This Eringer cows are a special race of very strong but relatively small cows. It is in the cow’s own will to fight out which is the strongest on the alp. It’s financially worthless to have those cows for meat or milk but if one wins a fight, the cow can be worth tens of thousands Swiss francs.

Opening Freestylepark Saas-Fee.

Last weekend I’ve photographed the summer snowpark opening in Saas-Fee for the mountain railway company.¬†Relatively hot and sunny weather on an altitude of 3456 meters. Freeskier and snowboarder enjoy the warm and good slope conditions on the Fee glacier. This slope gets naturally cooled down from bottom up thanks the glacier.

Pictures of Base Camp Matterhorn on Daily Mail Online

Last week I walked up to the new Base Camp Matterhorn in Zermatt, which consists of 25 tent-shaped shelters accommodating 2 people each. Those aluminium tents replace the Hoernli hut for the following months, which will be closed this summer for renovation. Some pictures have been published on Daily Mail Online.


And some more on Bluewin.ch.

Tearsheets and TV stills of Race Across America.

During the Race Across America, I’ve produced photos, text, audio and video for the local newspaper “Walliser Bote”, the TV station “Kanal9” and the radio station “RRO”. You’ll find the full audio messages¬†here. And one of the three TV emissions here from 11:40 minutes onwards. The newspaper tearsheets as annex.

Race Across America with Beny and Corinne Furrer.

In June I had the chance to follow the Swiss duo-team Beny and Corinne Furrer along the toughest and longest bicycle race of the world. The cyclists of Race Across America (RAAM) cross the States from the West Coast in Oceanside, California to the East Coast in Annapolis Maryland. The father/daughter team Beny and Corinne needed 8 days 5 hours and 6 minutes for those 3000 miles (4800 kilometers). They rode day and night. Corinne got involved in a road crash with the support-vehicle and a truck. She suffers from a big abrasions and heavy back pain. It was also for me as photographer and navigator a very tough but amazing experience. We were a great team of 9 supporters and 2 racers.

© Dominic Steinmann


Last weekend I was shooting a typical British sport: the cricket game Helston VS Roche. This one-day game took 6 hours. It was a great experience for me.

Light test.

I did this portrait of Mark - technician at Falmouth University - about one month ago. That day I got commissioned for a portrait of a guest lecturer. I needed Mark beforehand only as model to test the lighting. It was a very quick shoot with an easy light setup: As key-light a small softbox above his head, a white reflector from the bottom and a lager softbox to light the background from bottom-up. In post I converted it into b/w, added a bit more vignette and coloured the highlights slightly blue, to give a colder look.